Our work

The CIE LLP provides a range of equality, engagement and evaluation products and services for organisations in the public, private and voluntary and community sectors. Our ethos is that innovation and quality come from effective community, service user and public engagement. To this end we always try to ensure that our programne of work includes capacity development of both communities and organisations we work with.

Our unique approach to community innovations combines both community engagement and organisational change management to address specific equality and social inclusion issues e.g. increasing participation and involvement amongst minority and disadvantaged communities or client groups; promoting greater social cohesion; developing performance evaluation and quality metrics for assessing innovation and quality outcomes in equality and inclusion.

Community innovations are designed to be community led with direct, meaningful community or client group participation and involvement or leadership from the outset. This approach is based on the principle that the target community or client group of any service intervention, project or programme is best placed to aid the development of innovations and improvements in that service, project or programme.

CIE LLP seeks to provide a staged programme of development that includes innovative approaches to community engagement alongside organisational change management processes.  Community innovations serve a variety of purposes including:

  • providing key customer insights
  • consultation
  • development of new models and frameworks for action on equality, human rights and inclusion
  • needs assessment and demographic profiling
  • service evaluation, planning and development
  • quality improvement
  • leadership and management training (including Board development)
  • equality impact assessment including analysis of equality data and review of equality objectives
  • workforce development including training needs analysis and continuing professional development
  • strategic management including policy and objective appraisal, planning and performance measurement

We aim to:

  • provide high quality consultancy services on organisational change and leadership for equality, human rights and inclusion across the public, private and voluntary and community sectors;
  • promote and develop approaches to equality, human rights and inclusion that are effective, evidenced based and enable robust frameworks and models for action to be implemented;
  • lead and manage a range of funded community led innovation projects;
  • develop programmes that engage communities in supporting high impact research and evaluation on equality, human rights and social inclusion;
  • work with international partners to support the promotion of community innovations and inclusive leadership;
  • develop and deliver training and Continuing Professional Development packages for learning on equality, human rihgts and community innovations.




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