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Trans Health & Justice

Dr Jon Bashford is doing work on how the health and social care needs of trans offenders are being met in the criminal justice system. This work will lead to a report for NHS England, who are responsible for commissioning health services in large parts of the criminal justice system. The project involves a review of […]

Breaking the Barriers Summit

The Breaking Barriers Summit is designed for those in the NHS and local government tasked with tackling the challenges around health and social care provision and building a sustainable and transformative local system. The focus of the Summit is on developing a financially sustainable and innovative model between local government and the NHS, setting out […]

Health and Wellbeing Boards One year On

New report from the King’s Fund assesses Health and Wellbeing Boards one year on. Despite some progress and successes the report highlights risks that urgent strategic challenges are not being addressed: Download the report here    Tweet This Post