Trans Health & Justice

Meeting the health and social needs of transgender individuals in the criminal justice system

People in the criminal justice system are entitled to the same NHS healthcare that they would receive in the community. But not everyone has the same health needs and it is important that services working in the criminal justice system understand the health and social care needs of all the people they work with, including trans people.

Dr Jon Bashford, from Community Innovations Enterprise (CIE) is doing some work on the health and social care needs of trans people in the criminal justice system and whether there is more that could be done to ensure these needs are met in an appropriate, sensitive and effective way.

Dr Bashford is a Registered Mental Nurse by background and he has done a lot of work on assessing the health and social needs of people in prison. He is also known for his work on equality and human rights. As part of this project, Dr Bashford would like to speak with any trans people who have experience of the criminal justice system, whether that is from being in prison or through contact with the police or courts. In particular, he would like to hear about things that people think could have been done better and what they think is most important for meeting the health and social care needs of trans people. This will be part of a report for NHS England, who are responsible for the health care of people in public prisons.

You can speak with Dr Bashford by telephone or face to face and this will be confidential – no individuals will be identified in his report for NHS England and you do not have to give your name or any contact details.

It is important that the views and experiences of trans people are included in this work and anything you can say about your experiences will be valuable.

Thank you for thinking about this and if you feel you can help by talking to Dr Bashford please get in touch. What you think matters and you could help improve health and social care for other trans people.

If you would like to know more, or wish to speak in confidence about your experience please email: or if you prefer, use the contact form below.